Every child is different.

Let’s advocate for your child’s unique educational needs.

Family Support for Children Can Look Many Different Ways:

  • Do you know all of your child’s rights for their educational experience?
    Having an advocate for you and your child at the IEP/IFSP meeting will increase your knowledge of available services and strategies to help your child be successful in school. An advocate in the room is also helpful because you need to have someone who knows the system and laws to ensure ALL available resources are utilized and it allows you to participate as a parent/guardian, not the developmental professional.

  • Are the strategies and goals truly made to help your child with their individualized needs?
    Many times, the goals that are made for children are general and not necessarily tailored to your specific child. I can help make goals and strategies that serve YOUR child, both at school and in other areas of their lives. Then I can help support those goals with visits to your home or the child’s school.

  • Do you need help to curb behaviors that are interrupting your family?
    Children go through many developmental phases and many behaviors are developmentally appropriate. That doesn’t make them any easier to handle, without the right strategies. I can help.

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“As first time parents, we had no idea what it meant that our son had a developmental delay and of course it raised concerns. However, we were on board with LeAn’s plan and knew her sole purpose was to help our son. LeAn made recommendations , which we definitely took advantage of. Our son was diagnosed at the age of 2 on the Autism Spectrum. Because of LeAn’s candor so early on in his life, we were able to have services in play for him prior to his diagnosis. I attribute his successes today to LeAn. It was her guidance, recommendations and support that have enabled us to give our boy what he needs to be his very best. Having her at school meetings, completely changed the efficacy and individualized the options of our strategies with the school district. LeAn is still very much part of our family. Our son is now a thriving, happy and loving little boy who has a passion for music, the sciences and playing with his little sister.“
— Christy White

LeAn Is a miracle worker! I met LeAn when I was literally hanging on by a thread. In just one session, she gave us so many ideas and tools to use. I already had a sense of relief. She helped me get the support my daughter so desperately needed. During our IEP meetings I was so glad to have LeAn on our side to advocate not only for my child, but for what we felt was best for her as a family! Not only am I a happier parent, my daughter is more content as well. I am forever grateful to have met Lean and to have her in our corner!

— Kelli Baker

To get the conversation started, send an email to hello@leanshelton.com

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