Every teacher deserves support.

Let’s coach educators to teach
more thoughtfully.

LeAn has an innate ability to make meaningful and unique connections with educators. After coaching sessions, I would leave feeling inspired, driven and thirsty for more knowledge that I could use in classroom. I will forever cherish the tools that I learned from LeAn.
— Ashley Tate

Quality teaching practices are one of the main influences on student achievement and high-quality teacher coaching influences the quality of teachers’ daily teaching practices.

  • Is there a topic that your staff needs a refresher course in?
    I am the only Northern Nevada Adult Learning Academy trainer for the Nevada Registry. This means that I am qualified to train other trainers in the area, an example of my abilities with coaching adults. I can customize any ECE training to meet your individual center’s needs. There is a 2-hour minimum for training opportunities for all staff.

  • Is there a specific teacher that needs support in the classroom?
    As any administrator knows, turnover happens. Sometimes a little extra coaching is needed for a brand new teacher to adapt to your expectations in a certain area. Perhaps, there is a child in your center with specific needs that a teacher needs to learn to meet. I can help.

  • Do you need help as an administrator?
    As a seasoned Director of a facility, I am able to coach you as an administrator. If you need to create policies and procedures or transform your handbook, I can help. I can help with scheduling and coaching through disciplinary practices and build morale to create a more cohesive team. Just ask, I’ve probably dealt with a similar situation.

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From the moment LeAn entered the center she guided teachers and administrators to implement pedagogically sound practices, worked to facilitate teamwork and utilize individual’s strengths (scaffolding!), and vastly improved the culture at the center. She ensured developmentally appropriate environments, high-quality teacher-child interactions, and always advocated in the best interests of children and staff.

Classroom management is just one of the many areas where LeAn helped me transform my practice. I felt more confident and it reignited my passion for the profession. I would not be the educator I am today without LeAn’s guidance and support.

Nina McCartney, M.S.

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